Are extensions damaging to the natural lash?

If applied properly, lash extensions have no adverse effects to the natural lash. As your eyelashes fall out during a natural shedding process, the extensions will simply come off with them. At Wink Lash Studio, all our stylists are expertly trained in proper lash isolation, as well as in identifying the ideal extension length and weight for each unique client.  

How do I maintain my extensions?

We offer two-, three-, and four-week re-lash appointments. We recommend that you come in every two-and-half or three weeks. During this service, we attach extensions to new lash growth and replace any lashes that have prematurely lost the extension. When we're done, your lashes will look as good as new.

If I have sensitive eyes can I still get lash extensions?

Yes. Just let us know! We have special glue that is ideal for clients with sensitive eyes and skin. If you're concerned, we are happy to schedule a preliminary appointment, at which point we will apply a few lashes in a designated area to see if you experience any adverse affects.

If I want lashes for my wedding when should I schedule my appointment?

We recommend booking an appointment for a full set at least three weeks prior to your wedding so that you have time to assess whether you'd like to change the curl, length or thickness of your new lashes. Many brides-to-be also choose to schedule a re-lash appointment the week of her wedding, so that her lashes are as full and beautiful as possible on the big day.

We've never had client not like our lashes, but if that happens, we're happy to remove them for you! The process takes about 30 mins and we use a gentle lash-remover serum so your natural eyelashes are not affected.

Can I get the lashes removed if I want?